Hi there, could you please take this piece down? You have plagiarized my original piece called "For the love of immigrant mothers" that I published back in 2019.

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DEARBORN, MI — After only two days of fasting, Whatsapp Aunties everywhere are struggling to not talk sh*t in their group chats. It’s really hard not to especially since they saw Aliya at the Mosque and she didn’t pray or fast. Could it have been because she’s menstruating or because she’s pregnant?! They will never know because gossiping during Ramadan is not good optics.

The holy month is a chance to cleanse and reset the body and charge up for Eid, but there will be no holding back if Nura decides to invite everyone over for tea except for Yasmin…

LOS ANGELES, CA — On Wednesday afternoon, 50 children of immigrants came together and filed a class action lawsuit against Old Navy for the trauma they’ve encouraged by way of their flip flop wall. Old Navy is known for being the #1 place for young divorcees to shop and most famously for their colorful array of flip flops that take up floor to ceiling spaces in their stores.

However, this shoe thong display has bigger implications. Flip flops, also known as chanclas, are often used by immigrant parents to inflict spankings. As the children get older, virtually no smacking is…

Ask your parents to go hang out with your friends


Go to a community event wearing ripped jeans

Explain vegetarianism to your family


Explain therapy to your family

Date outside of your culture


Come out to your parents

Move in with a partner before marriage


Explain the concept of privacy to your parents

Go without Costco for a year


Go without TJ Maxx for a year

Be monolingual but really good at the language


Bilingual and shitty at two languages

Hide a relationship


A piercing

Be called “fat” by an auntie



The Royal Dansk cookie brand has spoken out and they “would very much like to be excluded from the sewing kit narrative”.

On Wednesday morning the company released an official statement via an Instagram caption:

“After many decades of staying silent on the issue, we would formally like to distance ourselves from all things sewing related. While we appreciate the clever zero waste approach many immigrant moms take by re-using our tins, we are getting to the point where people don’t even think we actually sell cookies.

Unsuspecting kids find our tins hoping for cookies to be inside, but SURPRISE…

Arijana Ramic

Arijana Ramic is a Seattle based standup comedian. You can find her musings on twitter (@arijanaramic) and short videos on the Aisha and Arijana FB page.

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