Day 30: I’m obsessed with my habit tracker (small rituals that have changed my life)

Arijana Ramic
7 min readJan 30, 2022
Tracker template:

I’ve been using a habit tracker since around 2018 and sometimes when I tell people about it they are mind blown that I track my habits every day. I guess I thought it was more common because these little daily rituals I track have improved my life drastically. Whenever I meet someone who has never seen or used a habit tracker, I get a little over zealous and obsessed with explaining how I use mine, so I figured I would share it here too.

How I use my tracker:

For some people, trackers seem daunting because it puts more pressure and stress on them to complete things every day. I try to complete everything on my tracker daily, but I also just use it as a reminder and reflection. What I mean by the reminder piece, is that I am a very visual person and having a list of healthy habits up on all the time reminds me to do stuff I might otherwise forget to do. What I mean by the reflection piece is that it helps me look back and assess where I’m out of balance. Sometimes I look back on months where I didn’t complete a lot of my daily habits and I can track it directly to my mood or whatever I was going through at the time. Then, it helps me figure out how to adjust the course for my habits. So, even if you don’t complete every task, every day, it’s still a good thing to track.

What to put on your tracker:

Pick what fits your lifestyle. I have heard of some people having different habit trackers for the week day versus weekends. Or having one for days off versus days they work. The important thing is to consider what you want to focus on to have more balance in your life.

The habits do not have to be daunting, it might just be simple stuff that you need a reminder or push to do. Also, don’t choose too many. The human brain can only focus on so many things before it become overwhelmed, so I would say choose 3–4 to start and 8 max (once you’ve grown comfortable with tracking) and if you have to change them each month, that’s fine too — it’s really choose your own adventure.

What’s on my tracker:

As much as I like adventure and spontaneity, what keeps me grounded is a some semblance of a routine…

Arijana Ramic

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