10 Ways To Fake a Fun Personality

Arijana Ramic
3 min readJan 31, 2019

1. Swear a lot.

This really lets people know you don’t care what they think of you. People will be charmed by your uninhibited way of life and all that you do to shirk society’s expectations of politeness.

2. Say “I’m getting too old for this” whenever you’re invited to do something remotely fun.

This tricks people into thinking that you used to be full of life and get up to the crazy antics that kids do these days. It means you partied too hard and now at 26, you can’t have a beer without vomiting. It’s a great excuse that saves face.

3. Always say “oh my god last night was so crazy”.

Here’s the thing, even if you’re in bed watching Netflix, you can make it wild. If you mix marshmallows into your popcorn and do a drinking game to The Great British Bakeoff, then this sentence won’t be a lie.

4. Know your Meyers-Briggs by heart and announce it wherever you go.

Knowing your Meyers-Briggs type is an important part of proving how inquisitive and interesting you are. It’s a great way to assert your dominance while hinting that you take quizzes for fun.

5. Pick an obscure color to be your favorite.

Maybe say you love cobalt blue or bordeaux. People will think you have a creative streak or at the very least have read the paint chip labels at Sherwin Williams out of sheer boredom.

6. Tell people you’ve done cocaine, but only like once or twice.

This is a thin line you must tread. You don’t want people to think you use it on the reg, but maybe three times in college or once at a work convention in Las Vegas. This says, I only use drugs socially and I’m not against peer pressure.

7. Always make a point to say “I’d do anything once!!”

Everyone will be so impressed by how open you are and then when they offer you cocaine, say you’ve already done it three times.

8. Definitely take videos of yourself lip-syncing in the club.

People LIVEEEEE for the grainy videos of people seductively mouthing lyrics and it will SCREAM I don’t care what people think but I also need everyone to know that I am a good time. FUN FUN FUN!

9. Make it your thing to Irish Goodbye.

Leaving your friends without warning is amazing because it a) makes them worry about you and that attention will feed your soul and b) it allows you to pretend you got so turnt that you didn’t even think to consider bidding adieu to your friends. Being aloof and mysterious is a big part of being fun. Own it.

10. Wear Leopard Print

Nothing screams “I’m bold!” like a wardrobe inspired by the wild. This will convince people you’re feisty without having to own a sex swing.

Arijana Ramic

Arijana Ramic is a Seattle based standup comedian. You can find her musings on twitter (@arijanaramic) and short videos on the Aisha and Arijana FB page.